Pediatric Dentistry

Park Row Dental meets the dental needs of your whole family. This compassionate care starts with pediatric dentistry services for your youngest loved ones, from age six months to 18 years. We can continue this treatment long term. Through family dentistry, everyone in your household receives care throughout their life stages and as their dental needs change. This vital treatment starts in childhood though.

Pediatric dentistry services in Arlington, TX, provided by Park Row Dental include: -

  • General Dentistry
  • Family Dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Preventive Dentistry

About Pediatric Dentistry Services

Pediatric dentistry services in Arlington, TX, include the methods, treatments, and services needed to help children maintain healthy smiles from infancy through their late teens. A pediatric dentist in Arlington, TX, offers the qualifications and experience necessary for tooth, gum, and mouth care in these young patients. All of this care and treatment for your children takes place at Park Row Dental.

Children get their first teeth at about six months old. They continue growing new teeth into place through preschool or kindergarten, then start losing them by age six or seven. Their secondary, permanent teeth replace these lost ones. But if your child does not receive proper dental care throughout these stages and beyond, they face a lifetime of complications and pain.

Pediatric dentistry services include: -

  • Teeth cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • X-rays
  • Intraoral camera
  • Mouthguards

To provide you with these services and others, your pediatric dentist in Arlington, TX, attends four years of dental school with two additional years of residency training in dentistry for babies, children, teens, and special needs children.

Important Dental Care for Children

Your Park Row Dental staff understand the importance of your child’s dental care. This is why they provide a range of pediatric dentistry services, such as infant oral health exams and childhood preventive care. Preventive care includes routine exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. It also includes the dentist’s consultation for proper nutrition and diet.

Your pediatric dentist also helps parents with common childhood oral health issues, such as pacifier use and thumb sucking. Your child’s dentist also assesses whether your little one needs early intervention for teeth straightening or improper bite correction. If tooth decay or defects exist, the dentist diagnoses these and other oral conditions associated with diabetes, heart defects, hay fever, asthma, and ADHD.

Many children experience dental injuries during play, sports, or daily activities. So your pediatric dentist treats broken, displaced, and knocked out teeth and other trauma.

Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist for Your Child in Arlington

Finding the right pediatric dentist for your child is more important than you think. The care your little one receives during these critical years sets the tone for their future dental health. If they fear the dentist from a young age, that fear keeps them from seeking the treatment they need, even as adults. So your child needs pediatric dentistry services delivered with patience and kindness from staff they trust.

Being an excellent pediatric dentist also involves knowing how to examine and treat children, particularly when young people are not cooperative. These dentists help the most uneasy of children feel more confident and relaxed while receiving the vital care they need. At Park Row Dental in Arlington, your pediatric dentist enjoys working with children. Your child feels this interest and compassion, developing a healthy relationship with the dentist and the treatment they need.

Pediatric dentistry services are as crucial to your child’s growth, development, and overall wellness as other health care services. So you should not neglect these essential exams and treatments. Taking your child to the dentist helps them develop healthy habits and oral health awareness for the rest of their life. So call Park Row Dental at 817-801-9500 and schedule your child’s visit today.