Family Dentistry Services

The relationship between a dentist and a patient is a very personal relationship. Understandably, the thought of allowing a stranger to look into their mouth is something some people feel very uncomfortable about. That’s why people tend to look for a devoted dentist they can count on throughout the years. If they have been with their dentist since childhood, it’s all the better. Park Row Dental provides family dental services to all ages and walks of life. Schedule an appointment for our family dentistry services today.

Information About Family Dentistry Services

Many of the more mature adults in the US remember the days of the old country doctors and dentists. These are the folks that would provide family dentistry services to an entire family from cradle to grave if possible. The dental care industry has been through many changes over the past few decades. However, there are still dentists who are building their practices by serving the needs of entire families, serving many folks from childhood into adulthood.

In our Park Row Dental facility, we proudly provide family dentistry services in Arlington, TX. Throughout our history, we have put much of our focus on treating children as well as adults. It didn’t take long for us to realize there was real value in also treating adults. After all, all our wonderful young patients will soon become those very same adults. Our family dentist in Arlington, TX, is now heading in that direction.

In a patient’s earlier years, we do more than provide essential dental services. We also teach them the importance of consistent dental hygiene at an early age. We also help them get past the anxiety of x-rays machines and all the poking and prodding that takes place during treatment. By the time they reach adolescence and on into adulthood, we will have built a relationship with them. The goal of the Park Row family dentist in Arlington, TX, is to build trust as well as provide a continuity of care.

How Patients Benefit From Family Dentistry Services

All of our clients can count on one thing. We will be there as long as they want our services. As long as we do our job to the best of our ability, we are confident our patients will keep coming back.

The benefits a patient receives by trusting in us are plentiful. First, they know what to expect every time they walk into the office. We save them much time by already knowing where their payment resources are coming from. Our records make clear what procedures they have already been through, and we are well aware of their nuances as a patient. All of these little things add up to efficiency.

As the years pass, each patient knows they can trust us to guide them as they attempt to keep their beautiful smile. The continuity of care allows us to anticipate problems on the horizon and treat them in the early stages of the problem. That’s eventually going to translate to cost savings.

For us, our family dentistry services in Arlington, TX, give us access to a growing patient base. As families grow, the trust we have built will drive new generations of patients into the waiting room. This will all be possible because we have chosen to provide family dentistry services without confining ourselves to one age group.

The Services at Park Row Dental

If we are going to treat all age groups, we have to provide a full menu of dental services. That’s precisely what we do. Our success comes from our attention to detail and our desire to build the trust we mentioned above. To that end, here’s a short list of our services:

  • Root canal therapy
  • X-Rays
  • Dental implants and dentures
  • Crowns and dental fillings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Vital pulp therapy
  • Preventative Dentistry